The birth of FR. AGNEL SCHOOL, GREATER NOIDA, on the sacred soil of U.P. is a landmark, ushering in its motto “Love Your Neighbour as Yourself”.

The motto invites you to accept, be and behave with others, the way you would like others to be with you, because you can’t claim to worship and love God, When you can’t accept and love your neighbour.

Dear Parents I congratulate you for your trust to “Being a Parent of FR.AGNEL SCHOOL.This means a lot to us, so together and always ahead we will be …….I welcome our students back to school after a refreshing Summer Vacation. “Education for fullness of life” is what we strive for, in a cooperative and caring atmosphere that we try to create in our school.

Students will find some welcome changes in the school campus .As educators, we want our children to be more competent, build up a strong value system, develop analytical thinking be creative going beyond the so called ‘the right answer’ and above all become good and God fearing human beings.

In this our endeavor we need, dear parents, your whole hearted support, cooperation and sharing of your expertise with us. You know that you as parents are the primary educators of your children. No doubt it is important for children to get good academic training, but the values parents teach are more important for their happy and successful life.

I appeal to you, to help your children enjoy, love and honour their childhood. Their innocence simplicity, purity, curiosity awe and wonder need to be carefully and lovingly nurtured.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Sr. Shamitha B.S.

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