“Working for ourselves makes us smile, but working with other and working for other makes us happy”

When the base of the School’s building is laid down, it is not simply a construction of buildings or its infrastructure but a seed of know ledge, with the soil of value is sun.

Our School is just 8 Years old, but it has spread its roots deeper in the hearts of the people and extended its shrubs and branches to a great height, Being a student for 7 Year in Fr. Agnel School, I can assuredly say that it is the best institution in the region, one of the best in our country and among the best in the world .The journey of our school was not so easy, but with the immense hard work of our mentors, who burned the mselva and gave their best in order to achieve ,what we are today and their everyone who is the part of the Agnel family has equal contribution whether our Rev. Father ,our Principal ,teacher ,student ,parents and our great helpers.

Unsubtly what is today is only because of my worthy teacher, who helped me, will to do for other and can proudly say that l am a dignities.

For me, being the Head Boy is not about the position as power but it is an opportunity to give something to my school which will make my school proud .IT is an Honor and privilege to for me to be the Head Boy of this institution .I stand here not just because of my capability but also because of the trust of my teacher and the support of my dear friends. I stand here as a leader not just to lead you but to work with you and work for you to achieve the best of our school. I promise to work hard with all my Zeal, devotion and determination.

Let us be the difference to make the difference and be the real Agnelite.

Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Aditya Sharma
(Head Boy)

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