April, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Apr 2018New Session-Class UKG
2Monday02 Apr 2018New Session-Class I-V
3Monday02 Apr 2018New Session-Class VI-IX
4Tuesday03 Apr 2018New Session-Class LKG
5Saturday07 Apr 2018Parents' Orientation-Class XII
6Monday09 Apr 2018New Session-Class XI
7Monday09 Apr 2018Foundation Day
8Wednesday11 Apr 2018My First Impression
9Wednesday11 Apr 2018Kite Making
10Wednesday11 Apr 2018Bookmark Making
11Thursday12 Apr 2018Sports Activity
12Wednesday18 Apr 2018Parliament Election
13Saturday21 Apr 2018Parents' Orientation-Class IX,X
14Wednesday25 Apr 2018Clay Moulding
15Wednesday25 Apr 2018Fancy Dress-Spices
16Wednesday25 Apr 2018Fancy Dress Medicinal Plants
17Thursday26 Apr 2018Sudoku
18Thursday26 Apr 2018Script Writing
19Friday27 Apr 2018Annual Prize distribution (I-V)
20Saturday28 Apr 2018Annual Prize distribution (VI-XII)
May, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday01 May 2018Labours` Day Celebration
2Wednesday02 May 2018Investiture Ceremony (VI-XII)
3Wednesday02 May 2018Know your School
4Wednesday02 May 2018Sports Activity
5Thursday03 May 2018Orchestra
6Thursday03 May 2018Investiture Ceremony (I-V)
7Wednesday09 May 2018Poem Composition-Mother
8Wednesday09 May 2018Creative writing Meri Pyaari Maa
9Thursday10 May 2018Crosswords (English)
10Saturday12 May 2018PTM (KG-XII)
11Monday14 May 2018SUMMER VACATION (KG-VIII)
12Wednesday23 May 2018SUMMER VACATION (IX-XII)
June, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday29 Jun 2018Teachers' Reporting After Summer Vacation
2Saturday30 Jun 2018Teachers' Orientation
July, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday02 Jul 2018School Re-Opens (LKG-XII)
2Wednesday04 Jul 2018Eng Dictation
3Wednesday04 Jul 2018Flower Arrangement
4Saturday07 Jul 2018Parents' Orientation-Class XI
5Monday09 Jul 2018Environment Day Celebration
6Wednesday11 Jul 2018Plantation (Go Green)
7Wednesday11 Jul 2018Cootie Catchers-Maths
8Thursday12 Jul 2018Science Model Making
9Thursday12 Jul 20183D Art
10Wednesday18 Jul 2018Race - 80 m
11Wednesday18 Jul 2018Kho-Kho
12Thursday19 Jul 2018Volleyball/Table Tennis
13Wednesday25 Jul 2018English Recitation
August, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Wednesday01 Aug 2018Folk Singing-Group
2Wednesday01 Aug 2018G.K. Quiz
3Wednesday01 Aug 2018Puzzle World (Maths)
4Friday03 Aug 2018Manager's Birthday
5Saturday04 Aug 2018PTM (KG-XII)
6Wednesday08 Aug 2018Patriotic Dance Competition
7Wednesday08 Aug 2018Treasure Hunt
8Wednesday08 Aug 2018Mera Bharat-Culture Presentation
9Thursday09 Aug 2018Dramatization of Freedom Struggle
10Thursday09 Aug 2018Patriotic Song Competition
11Wednesday15 Aug 2018Independence Day Celebration
12Monday20 Aug 2018Agnel Savoir Faire
13Wednesday22 Aug 2018Id-UI-Zuha (Bakrid)
14Thursday23 Aug 2018Rangoli
15Thursday23 Aug 2018Shakespearean Plays
16Friday24 Aug 2018Sadbhawana Diwas Celebration
17Sunday26 Aug 2018Raksha Bandhan
18Wednesday29 Aug 2018Sport Activity
19Wednesday29 Aug 2018G.K. Quiz
20Wednesday29 Aug 201850m Flat Race
September, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Monday03 Sep 2018Janmashtami
2Wednesday05 Sep 2018Teachers' Day Celebration
3Friday21 Sep 2018Muharram
October, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Tuesday02 Oct 2018Gandhi Jayanti
2Wednesday03 Oct 2018Swachata Abhiyan
3Wednesday03 Oct 2018Swachata Abhiyan
4Wednesday03 Oct 2018Mask Making
5Thursday04 Oct 2018Athletics
6Thursday04 Oct 2018Hindi Debate
7Wednesday10 Oct 2018Yoga (Sports Activity)
8Wednesday10 Oct 2018Dodging Tables
9Wednesday10 Oct 2018Nature Walk
10Thursday11 Oct 2018Hasya Kavi Sammelan
11Thursday11 Oct 2018Geography Quiz
12Saturday13 Oct 2018PTM (KG-XII)
13Wednesday17 Oct 2018Nature Walk
14Wednesday17 Oct 2018Nukkad Natak
15Thursday18 Oct 2018Ram Navmi
16Friday19 Oct 2018Dussehra
17Wednesday24 Oct 2018Valmiki Jayanti
18Monday29 Oct 2018Joy of Giving
19Wednesday31 Oct 2018Leaf Faces on Stick
20Wednesday31 Oct 2018Best out of Waste
November, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday01 Nov 2018Basketball/football
2Thursday01 Nov 2018Collage Making
3Monday05 Nov 2018Principal's Birthday & Diwali Celibration
4Wednesday07 Nov 2018Diwali
5Friday09 Nov 2018Bhai Duj
6Wednesday14 Nov 2018Childrens' Day Celebration
7Saturday17 Nov 2018Annual Sports Day
8Monday19 Nov 2018Patron's Day
9Wednesday21 Nov 2018Id-E-Milad
10Friday23 Nov 2018Guru Nanak's B'day
11Wednesday28 Nov 2018Passing the Ball/Skipping
December, 2018
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday01 Dec 2018KG Annual Day
2Wednesday05 Dec 2018Christmas Tree
3Wednesday05 Dec 2018Dance with Props
4Wednesday05 Dec 2018Fancy Dress-Flower Kids
5Thursday06 Dec 2018Crib Making
6Saturday15 Dec 2018Christmas Carnival & Alegrarse-2018
7Wednesday19 Dec 2018Story Telling
8Wednesday19 Dec 2018Secret Santa
9Wednesday19 Dec 2018Shlika Vachan
10Thursday20 Dec 2018Extempore
11Thursday20 Dec 2018PTM (KG-XI)
12Thursday20 Dec 2018PTM (XII)
13Friday21 Dec 2018Christmas celebration (KG)
14Friday21 Dec 2018Farewell Class XII
15Saturday22 Dec 2018Christmas celebration (I-XII)
16Tuesday25 Dec 2018Christmas
January, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Thursday03 Jan 2019School Re-Opens (IX-XII)
2Monday07 Jan 2019School Re-Opens (LKG-VIII)
3Wednesday16 Jan 2019Skipping Race
4Wednesday16 Jan 2019Doha Vachan
5Saturday19 Jan 2019PTM Class X
6Tuesday22 Jan 2019PTM Class XII
7Wednesday23 Jan 2019Shapes in Tiffin
8Wednesday23 Jan 2019Drawing Competition
9Thursday24 Jan 2019Quiz on Cultural Heritage
10Saturday26 Jan 2019Republic Day Celebration
11Wednesday30 Jan 2019Dodge Ball
12Wednesday30 Jan 2019Demonstrative Talk
13Wednesday30 Jan 2019Prayer Service Class XII
14Wednesday30 Jan 2019Frog Race
15Thursday31 Jan 2019Folk Dance
February, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Saturday16 Feb 2019PTM Class X
March, 2019
Sl.No.Day Date Event
1Friday01 Mar 2019Result Class IX,XI
2Monday04 Mar 2019Maha Shivratri
3Tuesday05 Mar 2019New Session Class (X,XII)
4Friday15 Mar 2019Results (LKG-UKG)
5Friday15 Mar 2019Results (I-V)
6Saturday16 Mar 2019Results (VI-VIII)
7Thursday21 Mar 2019Holi
8Monday25 Mar 2019New Session-Class UKG
9Monday25 Mar 2019New Session (Class I-IX)
10Tuesday26 Mar 2019New Session-Class LKG
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